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The bt-Accent Air™ revitalises the skin by enlarging your pores with 94% pure oxygen, removing nitrogen and potentially harmful elements such as pollution. Once your pores are effectively enlarged, powerful & scientifically proven skin care products are applied to most effectively target the skin.


The bt-Accent Air™ is the ultimate in hydration. This technology allows your skin to soak up anti-aging treatments to truly indulge your skin. Wind, pollution and the sun all have a detrimental effect on the aging of your skin, and the bt-Accent Air™ purifies your skin to clean, hydrate and protect your skin, hence slowing down the aging process! The bt-Accent Air™ optimises the results aging slow-down treatments for the most incredible facial experience.

Oxygen Facial - Bt-Accent Air™ Revitalises The Skin

This improves many aspects of your skin including:

  • Complete product penetration for the ultimate hydrating experience
  • Reduce expression aging
  • Visibly firm and improve skin suppleness
  • Hydrate and revitalize skins appearance
  • Improve circulation, key to maintaining strong skin
  • Reduce acne + igmentation
  • Freshen facial features by plumping sunken and deflated skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Targeted Ultra-hydration

The bt-Accent Air™ offers a powerful, age-delaying treatment that will leave you glowing. Using scientifically proven ingredients that are able to target the signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles the oxygen infusion system is a must for any Busy Woman wanting the Red Carpet Look; particularly for Brides-to-Be.


Perfect for all skin types, this indulgent treatment will refresh your complexion to leave it even and hydrated. Don’t feel dull and deflated any longer; after just your first treatment you will feel & look hydrated, youthful and glowing! For best results when first starting, we will recommend to you at what intervals your treatments should be and how to benefit from our Skincare range for RESULT- DRIVEN HOME CARE PRODUCTS.